CarGuy1's Articles In WinCustomize 2011 Feedback
January 31, 2011 by CarGuy1
The default count of 30 skins per page was just not enough for me when viewing my skins list. At 30 per page, I have 12 pages to thumb through.

I decided to create a shortcut with the page size increased to cover all of my skins and it actually worked.

Now I have a shortcut that will display all of my skins on one page...awesome.
October 12, 2010 by CarGuy1
With the new Wincustomize, how do I find a link to someones personal site?

On the old site you could click on a skinners name under Top Skinners and you would be taken to thier WinCustomize site. Now you just end up with a list of latest skins.

There used to be a address book of sorts that you could look someone up and get to thier site...where is it now?

Say I'm a newbie and I saw a skin I liked by Vampothika and wanted to visit her WinCustomize site and check out her gallery, how woul...