Hey Jafo...downloaded this yet?
Published on March 3, 2012 By CarGuy1 In Personal Computing

For Jafo and the other flightsim buffs out there... have you checked out MS Flight yet? The core program is free and they are selling add ons.

I downloaded it this morning and it's quite nice. I really like the fact that it supports Eyefinity and dual monitors as well.

Check it out here... MS Flight

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on Mar 04, 2012

Love the Blind JAFO WinAmp skin.  Can't fathom why you don't invest in a bigger monitor, though.

on Mar 05, 2012

Here's a Kamov Ka50 'Black Shark' .... in FSX ... Flying over the Qantas Cargo terminal at YMML [Melbourne International] ...the Int terminal is to the left....the thing in the middle is a carpark...those yellow cars just 'below' the chopper are Ford Taxis....the cloud cover is ACTUAL .... today's [Monday]....we're looking approx NorthEast....

Only 'dramas' with flying a twin rotor like this one is simply that of making sure your control stick/s is configured [centered] correctly.... 

on Mar 05, 2012

I like that chopper. Here's a question. Whatever happened to the NOTAR. I remember seeing a demo of it but not much else after.

on Mar 05, 2012

Whatever happened to the NOTAR.

I think it's still being played with..... but really the twin rotor is a more noble solution to the problem of 'wayward' tail rotors just there to counter torque yaw...

on Mar 05, 2012

Yeah, that would make for a more stable platform.

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