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I have a bit of an problem with UAC and was wondering if any of the experts in the community could help me resolve it.

I've got a few programs set to load at Windows start up and UAC refuses to let them. Speedfan, Steam, and the EVGA precision graphics tuner will not load automaticly at start up no matter what I try. I've tried putting shortcuts in the startup folder, set them to run as administrator, and setting them to start at start up within each of the programs.

Is there a way to tell UAC to ignore a program and allow it to start? Perhaps something in group policy that I'm missing?

I have a few other programs that will not run correctly with UAC also. Particle Illusion has a problem when I try to render, UAC blocks access to the project file so it will not allow it to progress. Since it's not an executible, I can't set it to run in admin mode.

If I turn UAC off, all of my issues are resolved. I was looking to leave it on with Win 7 but if it doesn't allow me to control what boots or what I can run, it's no better than Vista's version to me.

So...are there any UAC experts out there or is every one just turning it off, like in Vista?

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on Oct 17, 2009

hmm. if you have an administrator account, then anything you install should be able to set itself to startup as administrator.

As for the programs that require elevation, some were just poorly programmed and modify files in places they shouldn't be stored.

sounds like you have your UAC cranked way up? they added new settings levels for UAC, try the one that only prompts when something wants to change your computer.

on Oct 17, 2009

Just turn it off if you know what your doing, I did. 

on Oct 17, 2009

thought 7 was supposed to fix all this.. bah

on Oct 17, 2009

Forgot to mention...running as an admin account with UAC at the lowest setting before turning it off.

LightStar, that's pretty much where I'm at.

I'm savvy enough to run without it so it's not that big of a deal but I was under the same impression as V, I thought 7 was supposed to have these problems worked out.

on Oct 17, 2009

Glad I never had this problem with XP.

on Oct 17, 2009
on Oct 17, 2009

Even setting it to quiet mode via TweakUAC doesn't stop some of the annoying things. Found out the hard way that if you manually modify some files within the Program Files, UAC will silently make a backup and use that. Only way to disable it was to turn UAC off completely.


on Oct 17, 2009

turn it of

on Oct 17, 2009

Useless AnnoyingCrap.   

on Oct 17, 2009

Click the Windows button, type secpol.msc and hit enter/return.  On the left, expand 'local policies' then go into security options submenu.  On the right, scroll down to the bottom and you'll see 10 different options for User Account Control.  You can make it do whatever you want from here, including never to prompt you again.

Expand windows and columns as needed to see these options.  Be careful if you don't know what you're doing.  Read the eplanations for each security option twice before deciding to change anything.

on Oct 17, 2009

Quiet Mode


I wish it were that easy. Actually Tweak7 has the ability to set UAC to a non prompt elevation mode but thats not the issue. With UAC on, Windows 7 just ignores loading the programs prompts at all. Well, thats not entirely true, the EVGA tuner prompts me for permission but it fails to load even after that.

What baffels me is that you would think that Steam would be one of the first that would be Win 7 freindly. It's not as if they don't have a update budget.

Yet another area that Impulse outshines loads at start up with out a problem.

Click the Windows button, type secpol.msc and hit enter/return.

Thanks but I've been through the security policy UAC setting and just don't see a catagory that covers the problem.

I do appreciate the feedback but so far it looks like I'll be leaving it off for now.

on Oct 17, 2009

With UAC on, Windows 7 just ignores loading the programs prompts at all. Well, thats not entirely true, the EVGA tuner prompts me for permission but it fails to load even after that.

If that didn't work, you have something else going on. 

You have two options:

1- Turn it off

2- Setup an Elevated  Privilege  Startup in Task Scheduler.

on Oct 17, 2009 just got a subscription on Technet, right? Maybe there's something on there about it in their Forums?

Worth a try?

on Oct 17, 2009

I thought 7 was supposed to have these problems worked out.

Actually, the only thing Windows 7 does is allow the user to set the level of UAC.  If you turned off UAC in Windows Vista, it complained all the time.  If you turn it off in Windows 7 though, it does not mention it again once you have made your decision to do it.  Those are the only UAC changes that I know of.

on Oct 18, 2009

That is a really odd problem.  One of those 'shouldn't happen whether you're using UAC or not' things.



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