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May 13, 2014 by CarGuy1
Can a Dream Mod give this upload a shove? Not sure why but it went into moderation.


March 3, 2012 by CarGuy1
For Jafo and the other flightsim buffs out there... have you checked out MS Flight yet? The core program is free and they are selling add ons.

I downloaded it this morning and it's quite nice. I really like the fact that it supports Eyefinity and dual monitors as well.

Check it out here... MS Flight
November 12, 2011 by CarGuy1
Just in case you didn't hear it already, Steam was hacked on 11/6 and Valve made a official announcement about it on 11/10.

It appears that a database containing information including user names, passwords, game purchases, email addresses, billing addresses and credit card information was accessed.

You can read about it here and here.

February 22, 2011 by CarGuy1
Well, I installed the public release of SP1 for Windows 7 64 bit today and everything went fine. My system was already up to date and it was a little over an 85mb download.

I think I'll run a few benchmarks to see if it effects performance in any fashion just for the heck of it.

Anyone else updated yet?
January 31, 2011 by CarGuy1
The default count of 30 skins per page was just not enough for me when viewing my skins list. At 30 per page, I have 12 pages to thumb through.

I decided to create a shortcut with the page size increased to cover all of my skins and it actually worked.

Now I have a shortcut that will display all of my skins on one page...awesome.
January 23, 2011 by CarGuy1
If you run Windows 7 and have ever used a program called "Driver Sweeper" to clean up a problem with your ATI (AMD) video card driver installation, you may be in for a big surprise when you attempt to install Windows 7 SP1 when it is released in a few days.

Apparently Driver Sweeper deletes (cleans up) entries and files for ATI video drivers that are actually part of the original Windows 7 install package.  When you attempt to install Win 7 SP1, the installer finds that these entrie...
October 12, 2010 by CarGuy1
With the new Wincustomize, how do I find a link to someones personal site?

On the old site you could click on a skinners name under Top Skinners and you would be taken to thier WinCustomize site. Now you just end up with a list of latest skins.

There used to be a address book of sorts that you could look someone up and get to thier site...where is it now?

Say I'm a newbie and I saw a skin I liked by Vampothika and wanted to visit her WinCustomize site and check out her gallery, how woul...
December 10, 2009 by CarGuy1
Has anyone else noticed that the replys are backwards in all the threads or is it just me.

For me, the newest are the the lowest numbers.'s back to normal

November 20, 2009 by CarGuy1
For those of you that are interested, the Office 2010 beta has been release.

You can get it at the link or via your download section if your a Technet subscriber. It looks pretty cool and there's a 64 bit edition availible also.
November 13, 2009 by CarGuy1
I ran across this today and thought it was so bizzare that I just had to pass it on.

In this day and age of digital media I found it strange that there is a new method of backing up your files. The back up is created on ordinary paper.

It seems that some one has created a free app that allows you to back up your files on paper in the form of the oversized bitmaps. You then print it out and to recover the data, you scan it back in.

Not sure why this was created or if anyone would really ...
October 17, 2009 by CarGuy1
I have a bit of an problem with UAC and was wondering if any of the experts in the community could help me resolve it.

I've got a few programs set to load at Windows start up and UAC refuses to let them. Speedfan, Steam, and the EVGA precision graphics tuner will not load automaticly at start up no matter what I try. I've tried putting shortcuts in the startup folder, set them to run as administrator, and setting them to start at start up within each of the programs.

Is there a way to...
July 7, 2008 by CarGuy1
For some reason when I rebooted my system my WindowBlinds would not run. I reinstalled and now it's telling me I have maxed out my activations. Can someone please reset this for me?


February 6, 2008 by CarGuy1
I noticed after installing CursorFX last night that I was unable to resize the window to a larger size. I have also noticed this with other Object dock apps that have the newer GUI. Was this intentional or is it a bug with my system? I ask because I am running a fairly high resolution which makes the windows a tad bit too small.
Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?  
December 1, 2007 by CarGuy1
This pertains to the Stardock Central Tray Launcher that runs in the sys tray.
On my Win 2003 Server an XP, all of the icons show for my programs but in Win Vista non are showing under the apps section. I have the buttons to choose and all are labeled correctly just I do not have any icons showing for the apps. Is there a way to rebuild the icons for this or do i have to live with this?